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AbSucralfate™ Gastric Ulcer Treatment
AbSucralfate™ Gastric Ulcer Treatment video video


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AbSucralfate™ (Sucralfate) is easy-to-measure, easy-to-feed, flavourless, bright green, film coated granules of sucralfate for the relief of symptoms of equine gastric and hindgut ulcers.

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Sucralfate is an aluminum salt of sucrose which is not absorbed or metabolized in the body.

Sucralfate is a cytoprotective agent for the symptomatic treatment of equine gastric ulcer syndrome, small intestine, hindgut and colonic ulcers (right dorsal colitis). When sucralfate is administered in conjunction with omeprazole, sucralfate will coat the ulcer which avoids further acid damage and allows the omeprazole to treat the cause.

When ingested, the acidic environment forms a thick viscous compound that adheres to the ulcer site, acting as a protective film, providing protection for up to six hours at a time.

Información adicional

Oferta BUY 200 SAVE 25%
Nombre de la marca AbSucralfate™
Ingrediente activo Sucralfate
Forma de administrar Granulado

Les symptômes des ulcères peuvent être subtils ou extérieurement perceptibles. Un changement soudain du cheval parfait a un animal difficile à manipuler, lors de la pose de sangle, hors alimentation, mauvaise performance dans le ring, grinçant des dents, à un manteau et d'un comportement général terne sont une bonne indication du syndrome de l'ulcère gastrique équine (EGUS.).


Recommended dosage: approximately 30mg/kg bodyweight (13mg/lb)


  • One (1) sachet per 175kg (385lb) bodyweight. 

Treatment Regime:

  • Relief of pain associated with Gastric Ulcers: use as required
  • Treatment and Prevention of Gastric Ulcers: Administer in conjunction with Omeprazole:
    • AbSucralfate™ 3 - 4 days, at least once per day
    • Omeprazole, (AbPrazole™, AbPrazole Plus™, AbGard™) for 28 days as a once-a-day dose
  • Relief of pain associated with Hindgut and Colonic Ulcers: 4 - 8 weeks, at least once a day.

Simply sprinkle AbSucralfate™ onto small amount of feed. For fussy eaters mix with molasses or corn syrup, apple or a treat. AbSucralfate™ may also be given with lukewarm water.

Most effective when administered on an empty stomach 1 hour before or 2 hours after main feed. Do not administer other medication within 2 hours of giving AbSucralfate™.

If a dose is missed, give as soon as possible, if next dose is within a few hours of the normal schedule, wait, and give at the regular time. Do not double the dose.

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Fecha de caducidad 29/02/2020

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